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Производственные мощности

REMZ is equipped with modern technological equipment from the world's leading manufacturers:

  • Electric arc furnace 90t. by CONCAST;
  • Ladle-furnace installation by TAGLIAFERRI company (TEKINT);
  • Continuous casting machine by CONCAST company;
  • Air product separation workshop of SIAD company .

The plant is distinguished by high labor productivity. The duration of one melting in an electric furnace is 52 minutes.

The wire rod mill was assembled from components from leading companies on the world market: Sidermontaggi SpA, Siderengeneering SpA, Danieli (Italy).




The finished product is continuous cast square billets and rolled periodic profiles for reinforcing reinforced concrete structures || | 44 .

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The equipment of the plant meets the most advanced concepts for the development of modern metallurgy. The equipment allows to obtain high-quality cast billets that meet the requirements of foreign and domestic consumers.

A quality management system has been introduced and applied in in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.


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REMZ is completed with modern technological equipment from leading manufacturers: || | 66

Дуговая сталеплавильная печь 90т. фирмы CONCAST; Установка ковш-печь компании «TAGLIAFERRI" (TEKINT); Машина непрерывного литья заготовки фирмы CONCAST; Цех по разделению продуктов воздуха компании SIAD.

Wire rod mill by Sidermontaggi SpA, Danieli (Italy).