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The government of the Rostov region held a meeting of the commission for the financial recovery of organizations

The first in 2019 meeting of the interdepartmental commission for the financial recovery of enterprises and organizations of the Rostov region that have signs of insolvency (bankruptcy), took place in the regional government.

The meeting was chaired by the deputy governor Yuri Molodchenko.

The members of the commission examined the situation at the enterprises supervised by the regional Ministry of Industry and Energy. First Deputy Minister Andrei Savelyev informed about the measures to control the financial condition of enterprises included in the list of socially significant organizations.

He said that 73 enterprises were included in this list, three of them are in bankruptcy procedures. The Ministry monitors the financial and economic condition of socially significant enterprises, and organizes control over the introduction and implementation of arbitration control procedures. The work is carried out jointly with the mines of the region's property, special attention is paid to preserving a viable part of the business, solving social issues of workers.

Andrey Savelyev gave a specific example - REMZ LLC, which faced a difficult financial situation in 2017, was the observation procedure was introduced. As a result of joint actions, it was possible to prevent a halt in production, to resolve the issue of supply of raw materials. With the personal participation of the governor of the Rostov region, the company was saved. Currently, REMZ LLC carries out production activities for the processing of customer-supplied raw materials with the release of finished products that are not the property of the enterprise. REMZ employs 975 people. Production volume in 2018 amounted to RUB 1.5 billion. In 2019, the planned production volume is 2.4 billion rubles. Today, REMZ LLC and the Federal Tax Service for the Rostov Region are negotiating an amicable agreement on the restructuring of tax arrears.

The meeting heard information from the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Rostov Region on measures taken to identify deliberate bankruptcies enterprises of the region, which causes significant harm to the rights and legitimate interests of bona fide business entities and negatively affects the situation in various sectors of the economy as a whole.

Another issue on the agenda is the analysis of the consideration of complaints and appeals to actions (inaction) of arbitration managers in 2018. According to the Rosreestr administration in the Rostov region, more than 500 complaints were received last year, including complaints from local authorities. As a result of the inspections, 85 arbitration managers were warned in court, 12 were disqualified. The total amount of fines amounted to 1.4 million rubles.

Also at the meeting of the IAC, the work plan of the commission for 2019 was approved.

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Shakhty news / Wednesday / February 20, 2019/13 (4608)

On the eve of the most anticipated and fabulous New Year's holiday Carnival together with "offended Baba Yaga" was held by the Shakhty Drama Theater for the children of REMZ employees. It is not the first year that young "Remzyans" take part with pleasure in a round dance around the New Year tree with fairy-tale characters and receive sweet gifts.



On December 19, the employees of REMZ LLC at the invitation of the YRSPU (NPI) named after M.I. Platov took part in the "Job Fair - 2018" University students became interested in our production, filled out questionnaires, found out the possibility of internship for further employment. More than 60 large enterprises took part in the fair.




The Arbitration Court of the Rostov Region on December 10, 2018, at the request of the interim manager of REMZ LLC, dismissed the General Director of V.E. Varshavsky. from the management of the plant.

In October 2017, the procedure used in the bankruptcy case - supervision was introduced against the company, the court appointed an interim manager Vesnin E.V., whose task is to analyze the reasons for insolvency.

In July of this year, the interim manager appealed to the court, referring to the fact that the plant provided him with an incomplete volume of documents required for analysis, asked to remove Varshavsky V.E. from the management of the current activities of the enterprise.

In the course of the proceedings the assistant E.V. Vesnina was present and could not explain to the court which documents were not provided by the debtor on time and did not allow the manager to do his job efficiently. The manager did not apply for reclamation of such documents from the debtor through the court.

An employee of the tax service, which represents the interests of the state in this case, explained that the manager had nevertheless performed the analysis, which means that the necessary documents were probably received from the debtor.

Nevertheless, the court announced the operative part of the ruling, according to which the first deputy, Popova I.V., must replace the head during the observation procedure.

Motives, which guided the court, making such a decision, are not known, but the plant will certainly file a complaint. Varshavsky V.E. is the founder of REMZ, it was thanks to his ideas and abilities that the construction of a modern metallurgical plant in the Rostov region was realized, several thousand jobs were created.

VE Varshavsky as General Director of REMZ LLC. was appointed in February 2014, following the departure from the management of the enterprise by its then owners - the managers of the MECHEL group. The management of MECHEL inflicted damage to the enterprise in the amount of over 12 billion rubles, which was established by a number of examinations, other evidence, and was reflected in judicial acts. Vadim Evgenievich, in a dispute with MECHEL, insisted on compensation for the damage to the plant, which caused obvious discontent among the owner of the group, I.V. Zyuzin. The initiative of the manager to apply to the court with a statement of dismissal arose from the filing of the representatives of MECHEL, which was especially not hidden when the dispute was considered. , it is understandable - they are ready for any measures, regardless of the fate of the employees of the enterprise.

Заинтересованность руководства группы МЕЧЕЛ в причинении вреда непосредственно Варшавскому В.Е., способному восстановить платежеспособность завода, понятна - они готовы на любые меры, невзирая на судьбы работников предприятия.

At the same time, Varshavsky himself at the time of consideration of the court manager's application was in a hospital in a serious condition, which was so skillfully used by ill-wishers.

Варшавский В.Е. в соответствии с законом остается генеральным директором завода, в чем его поддерживают совет директоров и учредители компании.


Vadim Varshavsky was removed from the management of REMZ

Arbitration the court of the Rostov region removed Vadim Varshavsky from the management of the "Rostov electrometallurgical plant" (REMZ), the enterprise is in bankruptcy proceedings, the assistant to Mr. Varshavsky Yulia Khesina told Kommersant-Yug.

"The court announced the operative part of the ruling , according to which the head should be replaced during the observation procedure by his first deputy - Popova AND.The. The motives, which were guided by the court, making such a decision, are not known, but the plant will certainly file a complaint, ”added Mrs. Khesina. She also stated that she sees the interest of the MECHEL group in the removal of Mr. Varshavsky. any measures, regardless of the fate of the company's employees. At the same time, Varshavsky himself was in a hospital in a serious condition at the time of consideration of the court administrator's application, which was so skillfully used by ill-wishers, ”Yulia Khesina believes.

     «Заинтересованность руководства группы "МЕЧЕЛ" в причинении вреда непосредственно Варшавскому В.Е., способному восстановить платежеспособность завода, понятна - они готовы на любые меры, невзирая на судьбы работников предприятия. При этом сам Варшавский в момент рассмотрения заявления управляющего судом находился в больнице в тяжелом состоянии, чем так умело воспользовались недоброжелатели»,— считает Юлия Хесина.

As Kommersant-Yug previously reported, in November 2017, the Rostov Arbitration Court satisfied the application of Lomprom Shakhty LLC to Rostov Electrometallurgical Plant LLC (REMZ) on declaring the debtor bankrupt by introducing a monitoring procedure at the enterprise. According to the service kartoteka.ru, REMZ LLC is being held as a defendant in 574 civil disputes worth over 2.4 billion rubles. The general director of the enterprise is a well-known businessman Vadim Varshavsky, now he is under house arrest on charges of embezzling 2.8 billion rubles.

https: //www.kommersant.ru/doc/3826592


The reliability of power supply in Shakhty and REMZ has been increased

Reliability of power supply in the city of Shakhty, Azov, as well as large energy consumers, including REMZ in Shakhty and the Azov optical mechanical plant, greatly increased. This happened after the completion of the reconstruction of the emergency automation system at five 220-500 kV substations in the Rostov region, manufactured by FGC UES, a member of the Rosseti group.

New Russian-made emergency control cabinets will ensure the stable operation of six power transmission lines from the reconstructed substations of the Rostov region. The new systems will increase the reliability of the 220 kV overhead lines Shakhty - Tsimlyanskaya HPP, Zimovniki - Volgodonskaya CHPP and R-20 - A-20.

Investments in the project amounted to 60 million rubles, said the Deputy Governor of Rostov region Vladimir Krupin.

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A job fair was held in the Shakhty employment center.

The specialized job fair is a traditional and popular event at the Employment Center. Today large enterprises of the city consider not only young specialists, but also people of retirement and pre-retirement age. Job fairs for this category of citizens are held regularly.

Natalia Gorda, head of the department for work with employers: “We also organized retraining of pensioners at the request of the employer. At the beginning of the year, seven people were trained, mainly “security guards” and “accountants with knowledge of 1C”. ”

As the specialist notes, since the beginning of the year, more than two hundred people of pre-retirement age and retirees have applied to the CPC, they were provided a number of career guidance services, as a result 100 people were employed.

Pavel Bugaenko, deputy. gene. director of REMZ LLC: “Working professions, like rafters, crane driver. By the way, recently with the help of the Central Service Center and at the expense of budgetary funds, a crane driver was trained and hired to us. ”

In general, the situation on the labor market today is quite stable, experts say. The unemployment rate is less than one percent, 815 unemployed Shakhty residents are registered.

Pavel Bugaenko, deputy. gene. Director of REMZ LLC: “We have been working with the employment center for a long time and actively. We are grateful to the employment center and, probably, many people are grateful, they were helped to find a job with us. ”


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REMZ LLC took part in the Vlll annual exhibition-fair of Don manufacturers of goods and services "Shakhty-EXPO 2018".



Deputy Governor of the Rostov Region Yuri Molodchenko held a meeting of the interdepartmental commission on the financial recovery of enterprises and organizations in the region showing signs of insolvency (bankruptcy ), as well as those in the procedures applied in the bankruptcy case.
Particular attention during the meeting, as reported by the press service of the regional government, was paid to the financial condition of Rostov Electrometallurgical Plant LLC, which is undergoing bankruptcy - surveillance.
The Minister of Industry and Energy of the Rostov Region Mikhail Tikhonov presented information about the situation at the enterprise.
According to the ministry, the enterprise has a tendency to stabilize production, which makes it possible to make a positive forecast regarding the possibility of restoring solvency enterprises. The debtor and creditors are currently considering the possibility of concluding a settlement agreement.


Victory of REMZ LLC at the municipal Festival of working youth and young families.

REMZ LLC took part in the municipal Festival of working youth and clubs for young families 2018
The purpose of the Festival is to increase the effectiveness of youth family policy in the city of Shakhty in the Rostov region, to promote family values ​​and work activity among young people, to strengthen the prestige and role of the family and the young specialist / worker in society. The factory team won the first place.


LLC "REMZ" congratulated the veterans on Victory Day!



Act of Intimidation: Protection Varshavsky called his detention illegal

In Moscow, on suspicion of embezzling 2.5 billion rubles. detained Don businessman, former State Duma deputy Vadim Varshavsky. The businessman's defense considers the detention illegal

As the lawyer of Varshavsky Konstantin Stepanov told RBC Rostov, the businessman was detained with “the use of physical force and acts of intimidation.”
“The arrest was carried out on the road at 08:30 morning in front of his young grandson, who after what he saw is still in a state of shock and psychologists are working with him now, ”he says.

According to Stepanov, the accusation brought against his client is also unfounded.

“The investigation ignored the legal acts that entered into legal force, left unchanged by the RF Armed Forces, which established, on the basis of account statements requested by the court, the return of credit funds to the bank accounts on the day of their provision, which were channeled through the accounts of Mechelov companies, on in particular Metallurg-Trust LLC, established by the Mechel Pension Fund. This act of intimidation is a way of putting pressure on Varshavsky in connection with the consideration of civil disputes with Mechel to recover damages, "the businessman's representative explained.

https: // rostov.rbc.ru/rostov/22/03/2018/5ab371fd9a79477edb8f4594?from=regional_newsfeed