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Shakhtinskie Izvestia / Wednesday / February 20, 2019/13 (4608)

     Helping families forced to look for another refuge as a result of the Khabarov incident | || 28

При поддержке Администрации города. Директор Департамента экономики Владимир Горшков интересовался, как люди устроились на новом месте.

Irina Shchukina's family lived on the fifth floor of a building at Khabarova, 18. It was over their apartment that the roof was destroyed as a result of an explosion in a nearby skyscraper. While the roof is being restored, this will take at least 3 months, the residents of Shakhty need to find a temporary shelter.

Irina Shchukina: "When they said that it could take too long ..."

Natalia Knyazeva chose an apartment on Sadovaya. Before that, they huddled with friends for half a month. As well as the family of Irina Shchukina, caring entrepreneurs helped in paying for the rent. Moreover, this process was organized not only by the REMZ administration. The labor collective of the enterprise also joined. At the expense of the funds they collected, they managed to provide housing for three families.

Vyacheslav Ratsavenkov, Chairman of the Labor Collective Council of REMZ LLC: "The labor collective of the plant ..."

Pavel Bugaenko, Deputy General Director LLC "REMZ": "We are planning for the future ..."

Natalya Knyazeva: "There were no particular problems, but it was hard ..."

In total, apartments in different parts of the city are rented for 20 families who got into difficult situations in connection with the emergency on Khabarov. At first, the first seven families that were huddled in the hotel were resettled.

Vladimir Gorshkov, Director of the Department of Economics: "And then a stream of new applications began ..."

Almost a month after the tragedy and, remembering what they had to go through, people are very grateful for any help. In the early days, it came from all parts of the Don region. From entrepreneurs and ordinary residents.

Vladimir Gorshkov: "We have seen how our people are capable of compassion and unification ..."

http: //33tv.ru/news/society/ semyam_vynuzhdennym_iskat_drugoe_pristanishche_v_rezultate_proisshestviya_po_khabarova_pomogli_arend.html

     Press release

Arbitration court of the Rostov region on December 10, 2018 by the statement of the temporary general director of Varshavsky ZAO ... from the management of the plant.

In October 2017, the procedure used in the bankruptcy case - supervision was introduced against the company, the court appointed an interim manager Vesnin E.V., whose task is to analyze the reasons insolvency.

In July of this year, the interim manager appealed to the court, referring to the fact that the plant provided him with an incomplete volume of documents required for analysis, asked to remove V.E. Varshavsky. from the management of the current activities of the enterprise.

In the course of the proceedings the assistant E.V. and could not explain to the court which documents were not provided by the debtor on time and did not allow the manager to do his job efficiently. The manager did not apply for reclamation of such documents from the debtor through the court.

An employee of the tax service, which represents the interests of the state in this case, explained that the manager still performed the analysis, which means that the necessary documents were probably received from the debtor.

Nevertheless, the court announced the operative part of the ruling, according to which the first deputy, Popova I.V., must replace the head during the observation procedure.

Motives, which guided the court, making such a decision, are not known, but the plant will certainly file a complaint. Varshavsky V.E. is the founder of REMZ, it was thanks to his ideas and abilities that the construction of a modern metallurgical plant in the Rostov region was realized, several thousand jobs were created.

Varshavsky V .E. was appointed in February 2014, after the then owners - the managers of the MECHEL group left the management of the enterprise. The management of MECHEL caused damage to the enterprise in the amount of over 12 billion rubles, which was established nearby examinations, other evidence, was reflected in judicial acts. Vadim Evgenievich, in a dispute with MECHEL, insisted on compensation for the damage to the plant, which caused obvious discontent among the owner of the group, I.V. Zyuzin. The initiative of the manager to apply to the court with a statement of dismissal arose from the filing of the representatives of MECHEL, which was especially not hidden when considering the dispute. , it is understandable - they are ready for any measures, regardless of the fate of the employees of the enterprise.

Заинтересованность руководства группы МЕЧЕЛ в причинении вреда непосредственно Варшавскому В.Е., способному восстановить платежеспособность завода, понятна - они готовы на любые меры, невзирая на судьбы работников предприятия.

At the same time, Varshavsky himself at the time of consideration of the court manager's application was in a hospital in serious condition, which was so skillfully used by ill-wishers.

Varshavsky V.E. in accordance with the law, remains the general director of the plant, in which he is supported by the board of directors and the founders of the company.

Vadim Varshavsky was removed from the management of REMZ

    The Arbitration Court of the Rostov Region dismissed Vadim Varshavsky from the management of the "Rostov Electrometallurgical Plant" (REMZ), the enterprise is in bankruptcy proceedings, this was reported to Kommersant-Yug by the assistant of Mr. Varshavsky Yulia Khesina.

"The court announced the operative part of the determination, in accordance with with which to replace the head during the observation procedure should be his first deputy - Popova AND.The. The motives, which were guided by the court, making such a decision, are not known, but the plant will certainly file a complaint, ”added Mrs. Khesina. She also stated that she sees the interest of the MECHEL group in the removal of Mr. Varshavsky.

“The interest of the management of the MECHEL group in causing harm directly to Varshavsky V.Ye., who is able to restore the plant's solvency, is understandable - they are ready to any measures, regardless of the fate of the company's employees. At the same time, Varshavsky himself at the time of consideration of the court manager's application was in a hospital in serious condition, which was so skillfully used by ill-wishers, "Yulia Khesina believes.

As Kommersant-Yug reported earlier, in November 2017 the arbitration satisfied the application of Lomprom Shakhty LLC to Rostov Electrometallurgical Plant LLC (REMZ) on declaring the debtor bankrupt by introducing a monitoring procedure at the enterprise. According to the service kartoteka.ru, REMZ LLC is being held as a defendant in 574 civil disputes worth over 2.4 billion rubles. The general director of the enterprise is a well-known entrepreneur Vadim Varshavsky, now he is under house arrest on charges of embezzling 2.8 billion rubles.

https: //www.kommersant.ru/doc/3826592

"Act of intimidation": Varshavsky's defense called his detention illegal

In Moscow, on suspicion of embezzling 2.5 billion rubles. detained Don businessman, former State Duma deputy Vadim Varshavsky. The defense of the businessman considers the detention illegal

As the lawyer of Varshavsky Konstantin Stepanov told RBC Rostov, the businessman was detained with “the use of physical force and acts of intimidation.”
“The arrest was carried out on the road at 08:30 in the morning in front of a young grandson, who after what he saw is still in a state of shock and psychologists are working with him now, ”he says.

According to Stepanov, the accusation brought against his client is also unfounded.

“The investigation ignored judicial acts that entered into force, left unchanged by the RF Armed Forces, which established, on the basis of account statements requested by the court, a return to bank accounts of credit funds on the day they were provided, which were channeled through the accounts of Mechel companies, in particular Metallurg-Trust LLC, established by the Mechel pension fund. This act of intimidation is a way of putting pressure on Varshavsky in connection with the consideration of civil disputes with Mechel to recover damages, "the businessman's representative explained.

https: // rostov.rbc.ru/rostov/22/03/2018/5ab371fd9a79477edb8f4594?from=regional_newsfeed

Meeting with students of DSTU (branch) in Shakhty.