346519, Rostov region, Shakhty, st. Chaplygin, 54, tel .: 8 (8636) 27-90-26, fax: 8 (8636) 27-90-26, e-mail: [email protected]

Учебный центр

Since 2009, the educational department of the Training Center has been operating on the territory of the plant.

LLC "REMZ" with an educational department has a license to carry out educational activities and provides services under the programs of professional training of the personnel of the enterprise and third-party organizations in the following specialties:

11345 Roller of hot rolling mill

11618 Gas cutter

12815 Bucket

12942 Supervisor in the production of ferrous metals

15416 Refractor

15890 Operator of the control room of a hot rolling mill

14852 Metal heater

18781 Steelmaker of electric furnace | || 41

18897 Стропальщик

16767 Steelmaker's Apprentice

16764 Steelmaker's Apprentice, Secondary Steel Processing Unit

17627 Steel Caster

The training center is not a legal entity, it is a part of the Limited Liability Company "Rostov Electrometallurgical Plant" as its images subdivision and is located at the location of LLC "REMZ", Shakhty, Rostov region.

Educational activities are carried out at the address:

346519, RF, Rostov region, Shakhty, st. Chaplygin, 54.

Theoretical training is carried out in the building of the administrative building in a specially equipped office, industrial training - in the workshop in specially designated areas.


The finished product is continuous cast square billets and rolled periodic profiles for reinforcing reinforced concrete structures.



The plant's equipment meets the most advanced development concepts modern metallurgy. The equipment allows you to obtain high-quality cast billets that meet the requirements of foreign and domestic consumers.

A quality management system has been introduced and applied in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.


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REMZ is equipped with modern technological equipment from the world's leading manufacturers:

Arc furnace 90t. firm CONCAST; Installation of ladle furnace of the company "TAGLIAFERRI" (TEKINT); Continuous casting machine of the company CONCAST; Air separation workshop of the company SIAD.

Wire rod mill by Sidermontaggi SpA, Danieli (Italy).